Polish Poster Art has a tradition which is over a hundred years old. There are many interesting works which were created between the late 1890's and the outbreak of World War II, but the most significant achievements of what became known as the "Polish Poster School" were created in the period spanning the fifties and sixties. During that time many of the revolutionary artists of the 1940's which included: Tomaszewski, Trepkowski, Lipinski and Zamecznik were joined by a new generation of graphic artists: Cieslewicz, Lenica, Mlodozeniec, Palka, Starowieyski, Swierzy and Fangor. All these artists have contributed to what has been described as the "Polish Graphic Phenomena". The artist who make up the "Polish Poster School" did not share a specific stylist approach but rather an emotional engagement in the development of poster design. They search for new artistic meanings, a more personal way of expressing subject matter and the commitment to bring design to a higher level of fine art. The emotional engagement and extraordinary imagination expressed through a masterful use of artistic media, be in painting, drawing distinguish the Polish Posters. For many years since, generation of designers have been making beautiful works still each young artist presents a unique approach and expression. The artistic quality of Polish Poster Design has been confirmed by world wide recognition. These designers have received awards in international competitions and exhibitions year after year. Exhibitions of Polish Posters, organized around the world have been extremely popular. In publications devoted to contemporary art and design significant attention has been given to the unique contribution of Polish Poster Design in the history of 20th century art. One of the main goals I have had in opening my new gallery has been to make the extraordinary variety and beauty of Polish Poster more accessible to you.

Piotr Dabrowski