"The Art of Poster" is a gallery specializing in Polish posters located in Warsaw, which you can view on the Web. The following presentation is a summary of my almost fifty years involvement with Polish Poster Design. Initially I was the curator of the poster department in a gallery committed to different spheres of polish art. At the same time I began to form my own collection which has more than 10,000 different titles, including the majority of post-war works. I have organized a large number of international exhibitions of Polish Poster Art in Poland, US, Australia, Sweden,France and Germany. I personally know many of the most interesting and well-known poster artists and collectors and also galleries and museums engaged in Polish Posters. Here I am presenting you with a sample of my collection, which I will vary and expand, so keep visiting. All posters are the first original edition and their authenticity is absolutely guaranteed. Many Polish Posters where re-edited and very often mistaken as the first original prints.

I can provide you with the following services:

  • assist you in building your own collection.
  • evaluate the authenticity of your own Polish Posters.
  • can supply you with a print of the specific poster you are looking for.
  • commission a professional art designer to create a poster or illustration for your particular needs.
  • organize an exhibition of Polish Posters.
I am also very interested in purchasing valued posters, especially printed before 1945. You are welcome to view my poster collection in Warsaw. Make sure to call first as it is open by appointment only. Feel free to call or write email me at any time.

Piotr Dabrowski